The #1 Podcast Show in Fresno

RELEASE is a new podcast show that gives the listeners the opportunity to share their personal experiences by audio message.

This podcast provides a unique opportunity for individuals to express themselves unfiltered by the topic given by the host. The podcast show offers the anonymous guest a chance to release their emotions and share their stories in an intimate setting.

Audio messages provide a more personal and raw experience that can be shared with the podcast audience. This podcast is a safe space for individuals to express themselves and share their experiences without fear of judgment.

Do you have something on your chest that you’ve been dying to get off your mind? RELEASE is a podcast show that will give you the opportunity to do just that. Guests will now be able to share their stories anonymously in an audio message from their phone to our email, which will then be discussed by the host on that specific topic. This is a safe place for guests to release their emotions and talk about sensitive topics without fear of judgment.

Donations Are Welcomed

Donations are always welcomed which help cover the production costs of the show. Any amount helps and I try to share with you awesome content each episode. Thank you for your support! click here to donate


Episode 1 is COMING SOON

In this episode of Release, we discuss anxiety and depression. These are two very common mental health issues that can affect anyone at any time. Many people feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about them, but it is important that we do so in order to break the stigma. This episode will hear from several anonymous guests who have dealt with anxiety and depression themselves. They share their stories and offer advice on how to cope with these conditions. We hope that by sharing these stories, we can help others who may be struggling with these conditions.

At some point in our lives, we all face stress and complicated situations. It can be hard to know how to express ourselves and find peace. That’s why I’m excited to share with everyone about RELEASE, a new podcast show that gives listeners the opportunity to share their personal experiences anonymously by audio message. You’ll be given a chance to record your story on the topic given, and then send it to us to be shared on that episode. I hope you’ll check out RELEASE and take advantage of this great opportunity. Thank you everyone for listening!


If you have something you want to say, but don’t want to say it yourself, sending in an audio voice message is a great way to be heard. It’s easy to do and completely anonymous. Simply record your audio voice message (by either phone, tablet, or microphone) attach it, and then email it to We will confirm we’ve received your email and include it in the podcast episode. Your identity will always remain anonymous. We look forward to hearing from you! Send us your story today!