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Creating is my passion, and graphic design is my way of sharing that passion with the world and I strive to make a difference with my work. I strive to create designs that are unique, stylish, and professional. I want my work to make a difference in the world, and I believe that it can. I am a freelance intermediate graphic designer based in Fresno, California.

My portfolio includes a wide range of items that I have designed for both personal and professional use. For example, I have created social media postings for small businesses, as well as personal flyers and business flyers.

I have also created audio drama covers and podcast covers. In addition, I have designed a variety of other items, such as audio clips and logos. My portfolio is a reflection of my versatility as a designer, and I am always looking for new challenges.

I am confident in my ability to create stunning designs that will help my clients achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking for someone to design flyers for your business or personal event, or you need someone to create engaging social media postings, I am the right person for the job.

Contact me today to discuss your specific needs and see how I can help you take your business or event to the next level.


Let’s get together and figure out what you want for your business, podcast, audiobook, or perhaps just a personal project of yours. I have a portfolio of past work that we can go over so you can see the different styles I have to offer, as well as some social media postings and business flyers.

If you’re not quite sure what you want, I’m more than happy to give you a quick consultation to help you figure out your needs. And if you just need a personal flyer or audio file for something, I can definitely help with that too!

Just send me an email , and I’ll get started on your project right away.

Email: iamterrell.com@gmail.com