I Am An Introvert

Introversion is a personality trait that is often misunderstood. Some people view introverts as being quiet, reserved, and not very social. However, this is not always the case. Introverts can be very social – they just need time to recharge after socializing. They are also typically deep in thought, creative, and relaxed. I am an introvert, and I want to share with you what that means for me. I also want to hear from you – what type of introvert are you?

Being an introvert doesn’t mean that I don’t like being around people. I actually enjoy socializing, but I need time to recharge after being around others. This is why you might see me quiet at times – I’m just recharging my batteries. I am also a daydreamer, and I often have my head in the clouds. This doesn’t mean that I am not paying attention to what is going on around me. It just means that I am usually deep in thought about something. My creative side sparks high when I’m either driving, taking showers/baths, walking, or listening to someone talking to me and a word they say may trigger a certain project idea inside my head.

Some of the craziest things to you are actually normal for me, for example, I could sit alone for hours upon hours in silence, just give me some good music, snacks, a game on my phone, or even watch tv or a movie. Road trips are the best, it may become quite awkward if I’m traveling with a group or another individual but it’s nothing to me, I enjoy it.

Definitely not a morning person, and sometimes I can clash with someone who is quite chirpy in the early mornings, someone loaded with a lot of energy and has the tendency to overtalk with me, then I get annoyed, shut down, and stay in my own little shell until mid-morning where now I’m fully awake and now have some active energy to interact with others.

I believe that being an introvert is a positive thing. Our personality is just different than those who are extroverts. We process information differently and we react to stimuli differently. That doesn’t make us better or worse – it just makes us different. And I think that is something to be celebrated.

So now I want to hear from you. Are you an introvert? What does that mean for you? Share your stories with me in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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