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During the pandemic, Cindy Valentine started struggling mentally and emotionally with her family, friends, and work. Even while her relationship with her parents had problems prior to the pandemic, the battle between her anxiety and depression continued to spiral out of control. 

After moving out of her parent’s home and abruptly ending a long-termed relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Cindy decided that living on her own, alone, would solve all her problems. 

Not only did it make things worse, but she started developing horrific nightmares and her depression became deeper and darker. Realizing that she needed her sanity back, Cindy finally decided to seek professional help from a licensed therapist. 

Message From The Writer

My goal was to share my experiences through the characters within this story on what I went through during the pandemic. It was hard, and definitely was an emotional rollercoaster that affected me both mentally and physically. 

I finally accepted that I needed help, professional help, that’s when I contacted the EAP assistance hotline and requested a therapist. Hopefully, this story inspires others to realize that trying to battle this alone will do more harm than good. Seek out help, and make that call. 

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ALONE, an audio podcast short story was made available for free on all podcast platforms as well as the internet. If you enjoyed listening to ALONE, please consider donating something or anything. Donations will help cover the $575.00 budget which included: countless hours of writing, editing, recording, voice-over actors, sound editing, social media promos, and post-production. I made this story free because I truly think it’s a relatable story worth sharing. Thank you!


Alone is an emotional and intense audio drama podcast featuring the voices of our very talented cast. I would also like to congratulate our lead voice artist, Jessica Williams as she debuts in her very first voice-over project as the main character, Cindy Valentine. 

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Listen to the recent radio clip from the host, Brian Sullivan on radio station WBLQ 1230 AM as co-host, Sabriana Fallah shares with the listeners about her collaboration with the audio drama podcast story, Alone.  

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